UP Syracuse Division N Layout Gallery

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Layout Notes

The following photos are of the 12' x 21' N Scale UP Syracuse Division layout built for a valued customer in Syracuse, Utah. Intial planning started in late 2016 and Phase 1 was completed in mid October 2018. This freelanced layout will eventally have scenic element ranging from towns, a rail yard, as well as rural and mountainous terrain. It will see mostly Union Pacific steam and diesel motive power running its rails.

Phase 1 was built to the level of primary bechwork and all track and wiring needed for running trains. A Custom Signal Systems independent 3 aspect signal system was also installed. Features of the layout include: Upper scenic'd deck layout with a penninsula, doorway lift gate, 7 loop helix, lower level 11 train staging, 15 stall roundhouse (18 tracks overall) with 130' DCC turntable, grade crossing locations operated by manually (toggle switch) operated crossing gates, flashers and fusee's. An NCE Power Pro multi booster wireless DCC System runs the layout, and Tortoises switch machines with NCE Switch 8 MK2's and Barrett Hill Touch Toggles on fascia mounted control panels control turnout operations. Peco N Scale Code 55 Flex track and Peco Electro Frog Turnouts were used and laid on cork.

Layout Videos