Smith Mine HO Diorama Gallery

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Layout Notes

The following photos are of a 44" x 100" diorama that I built and delivered to a valued customer in Montana in 2012 highlighting the regions mining history in the mid 1930's. This project's goal was to have a realistic model built of what the Montana Coal and Iron Company's Smith Mine No. 3 looked like with its fullest compliment of structures in the mid 1930's.

Everything for this project was scratch built using a combination of current and vintage photographs. This project was built to HO scale.

Highlights featured HO scale railroad track and utilized N Scale track for the smaller mine cart track. The facility included coal loading tracks under the structures, and a hidden return track under the upper plateau of the diorama giving it capability to be expanded upon with looping track end modules in the future. The track work was also pre-wired for DCC and prepared for Tortoise switch machines to handle the turnout operation.

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