Custom model railroad planning and building services offered are available to all model railroad enthusiasts regardless of the size or scope of the project. They're also offered for folks that just don't have the time, resources, or maybe even the skills to do it themselves. Regardless of your situation, you’ll find a full array of services that can assist with every step of your project. Dedication and commitment with helping you achieve your project goals is the cornerstone of our service.

Model Railroad Planning Services

Planning services are available to get your model railroad project started from a concept to delivery and set up. Some primary planning elements include, but not limited to:

No doubt we all want to see trains runs as soon as possible but you really can't skip this vital step. Sure, If you're just laying down some track for some weekend fun, your probably aren't looking for intensive planning. However, if you want a custom model railroad that captures the feel of a realistic environment to run your trains through, or the latest bells and whistles available on the market, then a plan is what you'll certainly need before you begin building you dream project.

The planning process of each custom model railroad contains many elements with each one needing to be individually analyzed and carefully planned out. Many elements are extremely dependent on others and all must come together in cronological order to complete the project. Good planning allows your layout vision to come together before any wood is cut, track is laid, or significant time is invested.

Elements that certainly need planning for a custom model railroad project might include:

My goal with every planning project is to combine both the client’s ideas and my experience to present a clear vision of what the project should look like on paper. Whether it's a basic track plan, a fully developed and detailed layout plan, or a diorama concept model, the detail level of each plan is tailored to meet the customer’s needs to move on to building.

Model Railroad Building Services

Building a custom model railroad is a very labor intensive process and it takes planning and commitment from both the client and myself as the builder. It's very rewarding for me as a builder to see trains running on a custom model railroad project that I've built for a client

To keep a client in the loop along the way, I provide weekly and sometimes daily photo updates during the building process. Video updates are provided as needed during a layout project when trains start to run, or as needed to highlight something specific. I like every client to feel like they are informed and involved with the process along the way and as often as possible as the project evolves.

The following array of services naturally are all elements that are encountered while building a custom model railroad. These typically include, but certainly not limited to:

Custom model railroads, or any building projects for that matter, take time and financial commitment that not everyone is prepared to deal with. I completely understand that my services may not fit everyone's budget, but if you want someone to build something for you, then yes, it's going to have some costs involved but I’m more than happy to try to work within your budget.