Iron Hill Junction N Layout Gallery

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Layout Notes

The following photos are of the 40" x 90" N Scale Iron Hill Junction layout built for a valued customer in Waco, Texas and delivered in August 2013. This layout represented a freelanced location in Arkansas during Fall. It will see mostly KCS motive power and rolling stock running its rails.

This layout's features include: A Digitrax DCC Super Chief Duplex Raido DCC System, PS2012 power supply, DS64's for throttle control of turnouts, Tortoise Switch machines, NJ International Crossing Bridges and modified crossing gates, Berkshire Junction traffic lights, Ngineering's' Arc Welding and Campfire lighting effects, AUX BOX accessory switch decoder allowing street light, structure light, traffic light and other lighting effects to be turned on and off with the throttle using unique DCC switch addresses.

Layout Videos