Douglas Creek D&RGW HOn3 Layout Gallery

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Layout Notes

The following project photos are of the 40" x 8' D&RGW Douglas Creek HOn3 narrow gauge layout completed in 2015. This layout features a modular design that allows it to be split into two 40" x 48" halves so that it's easier to handle and move upon delivery. The lower decorative cabinet can also be disassembled down to all 4 sides for ease of moving.

This layout’s theme was set in the high mountains of Colorado in the late 1930’s. The layout was designed to be a walk around or table top style. The track used was Peco Hon3 Code 70 flex track with Peco Medium Uni-Frog turnouts that were manually operated, and the track was installed on cork roadbed at a height of 52” from the floor. The track was laid with 18” radius minimum curves. The scenery was done with plaster cloth over carved foam. The backdrops were hand painted on both sides and inserted into the center of the layout. Accessory lighting was powered by an adjustable 12V power supply and the trains were operated by a Digitrax DCC system.

Layout Videos