Bemo HOm RhB Arosa Line Chur Sand to Langwies Layout Gallery

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Layout Notes

This beautiful 9' x 22' RhB Rhaetian Railway HOm layout's fabrication was started in late 2020 and completed in September 2021 after 3 months of planning. This was built for a valued customer in Boulder Colorado, which was the second project I built for him.

Those of you not familiar with the Arosa Line, it runs from the Swiss city of Chur up through the Schanfigg valley and terminates at the popular resort town of Arosa. Those of you familiar with the location will recognize some of the features modeled between the Chur Sand depot and Sassal. Due to the layout room configuration, the layout of each location modeled was freelanced to fit the concept of a point to point design with a grade up from lower staging, which would be Chur, on up to Langwies. Inspiration for the scenery on the loop side of the layout, from Tunnel 2 up to Langwies, was drawn from other locations found on the RhB railway.

This was a DCC operated layout featuring the latest wireless Digitrax EVOXD DCC/LocoNet system running with JMRI computer software for processing rail current sensitive block detection and signal system logic, while providing full computer control when desired. Since the layout was Swiss signal based, JMRI's included Logix was used to code and run the signal system, traffic light functionality and crossing flashers.

Peco Code 75 HOm flex track and turnouts were laid on cork. Turnout mechanical operation, frog polarity, and ground dwarf signal aspect changes were handled by Cobalt Omega switch machines powerd by Digitrax DS64 accessory decoders.

Many details and structures on the layout were scratchbuilt using traditional methods and lot's of 3D printed parts. Scenery for the layout was built on plywood with hand carved foam, plaster cloth and Sculpt-A-Mold, earth and green undercoating, with Scenic Express Scenery materials. The bulk of the pine trees were from Grand Central Gems.

Layout Videos