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Layout Notes

The following photos are of the Bemo RhB HOm Gauge (1 meter narrow gauge) 8.75' x 13.75' layout built for a valued customer in Boulder, Colorado. It was delivered and installed in June 2014. The primary shelf section is 12-1/2" wide and approximately 8' in length with 2 return loop sections on each end.

The objective of this project was to capture the feel of the Swiss Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Narrow Gauge Railway that operates in Switzerland. The RhB is so scenic and beautiful that Google photographed the rail line using their street view camera, and is available for view on Google Maps at track level - certainly worth checking out when you have time. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This layout featured Bemo brand HOm narrow gauge trains and Bemo HOm Code 70 track utilizing a double dog bone track plan. Bemo RhB style signals were also installed and operate when the turnouts are switched. The layout is powered with a Lenz DCC system with Lenz stationary decoders to throw the Tortoise switch machines, and Lenz automatic track reverse loop modules. Sommerfeldt catenary poles, overhead wires, and pole details were included to further capture the method that the trains are prototypically powered. Turnouts and signal automation were activated using the Lenz LS100 stationary decoders via throttle switch commands.

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