Typically not overlooked on most model railroads due to their availability, vehicles are a very important part of any model railroad. After all, they are what we use and see every day, and are easy to include providing they are the correct scale you’re modeling.

Vehicles sitting in the car lot on the Salt Lake Corridor HO scale layout. A car lot is a great way to create a reason to buy and have many vehicles on display.

It looks like the American Pickers showed up to do a pick on the Salt lake Corridor HO layout. I converted the Model Power FedEx van into the Antique Archeology van and repainted a couple Woodland Scenics’ figure to resemble Mike and Frank.

The above photo is an assembled and painted A-Line HO auto transporter trailer kit, with a Herpa Peterbilt tractor. The rack over the cab was scratch built to fit the tractor. It received a nice shade of blue gloss paint.

A bit on the pricey side at around $40, but sure nice, this HO trailer is a 3D printed Heil Aluminum Dry Bulk model that’s available from Shapeways. They come unpainted and they’re printed all as one piece. The tractor is a Herpa Ford L9000.

Above is a nice collection of some of the HO vehicles that received some weathering and details for the Douglas Creek Hon3 layout.

Kind of a cool little photo of a lone Ford F100 pick-up taking a ride down main street on the Poco Grande N scale layout during construction.