Estimates Overview

I’m hoping the following information will clarify some of what is involved in coming up with an estimate for your custom project planning and building needs.

A custom planning or building project takes a considerable amount of communication between us to identify exactly what you want to have done, understanding the full scope of the project, and to what level of finish is required. I do get folks requesting something similar to what I have done already, but once the finer details or options are explored, it's amazing to see how the scope of a project can easily change, and rightfully so since it's your unique project. Until I have some good dialogue with a customer, spend some time analyzing and researching the project and its uniqueness, it's too difficult to come up with that “ballpark” price for custom work. Quite honestly, it does neither of us any good for me to throw out a ballpark price since it truly has not allowed me to do my job which is to listen to you and really understand your wants and needs. So, unfortunately, I can’t determine an actual cost for you project unit it has been fully planned.

With that being said, my custom model railroad planning projects typically range from $1,000 to $3,000, and the custom built layouts you see here on my website range from $14,000 to $33,000. Complexity and overall scope are the prime factors of any phase of a project. Those are some wide ranges I know, but until I really know what you want, it's really tough to say what you’re project will cost. Planning or building naturally can be more or less than those ranges I stated above, but that's the range of the projects I've built fall into. If you have a less involved project in mind, then it certainly would cost less than the projects I've built so far. The best thing to do is let me know what you're interested in having built.

I provide maximum commitment and effort from beginning to end of your project no matter how large or small, and I do all the work myself unless a pre-determined outside source is prudent or necessary.

Planning Estimates

My base labor rate for planning is $30 per hour. There is no charge for initial consultation to discuss your project. After we've had a chance to explore options we can then move towards implementing a plan.

Visit the Planning page for full details on all the planning services I offer.

If you're ready to contact me about planning a project, send me a message from my Contact page and we can get started.

Building Estimates

My base labor rate for building is $30 per hour. My building estimates are specifically for any custom building that I have already completed planning for.

Building of any custom projects commences after we have completed planning, we have an approved the plan, and are ready to build. Again, as part of the completed planning process, we already know the full scope of the project with all the costs involved.

Should you already have a plan developed either by yourself or someone else, like another builder, and you want to get an estimate from me to build it, I will have to take a closer look at it. If it’s a clear and comprehensive set of plans there will still be time involved for analysis but the costs should be lower than starting from scratch.

Visit the Building page for full details on all the building services I offer.

If you're ready to contact me about building something for you, send me a message from my Contact page and we can get started.

US 48 State Layout Delivery & Set-Up Estimates

I am always available to deliver and set-up any custom model railroad layout project I build. The following delivery & set-up estimated cost map is based on what it has cost for past project that I have delivered and set up around the country. Again, this is just an estimate and cost may vary on economic factors such as fuel and related travel expenses, and client specific final delivery needs. Customer pick up is always welcome. As with all my projects, they are built with transporting and set-up in mind.

Other shipping methods, and other customer locations and shipping options can be considered.

If you have any questions about shipping, please send me a message from my Contact page