Solid benchwork is the foundation upon which a great model railroad is built. My goal is to build your benchwork with the attention and craftsmanship necessary for smooth train operation, handling during delivery, ease of set up, and durability. Whether your custom layout calls for a basic four leg table, a complex multi-deck configuration, hanging from the ceiling, or a shelf layout, I offer most any style or level of custom work.

Build for a local customers N scale project, this freestanding layout table is built flat but it's ideal for initiating the "cookie cutter" approach to create vertically adjustable elevations as needed. As shown, this 4' x 8' benchwork features removable legs with felt bottom levelers, is 48" high, smooth sanded 1/2" plywood surface, drop-down control system shelf with power strip. It's very solid benchwork, the legs are easily capable of being concealed using skirting or more elaborate siding.

The above photo is a version of the freestanding table benchwork with for the Poco Grande N scale layout after the plywood sub-terrain has been cookie cut and raised 2-1/2", track has been laid and bridges have been temporarily placed. Note that the 1x4 trim hanging from the plywood lower perimeter is flush with benchwork framing so the fascia can later be installed and be very strong.

The Weber Canyon HO scale layout's multi-level open grid benchwork was built using 8 individual modules and was built to easily be dismantled, transported, and then re-assembled. Again, the cookie cutter method was utilized to adjust the track sub-roadbed grades.

Another photo of the Weber Canyon HO scale layout with all track laid, sub terrain support and backdrops installed. Comparing this photo with the one above, you can see how the scenery plywood sections were added after the track sub-terrain base was completed allowing for lower terrain on both side of the track. Small rectangular access windows cut into the backdrops on the left allow access to the track from the outside perimeter of the layout. The track will eventually be hidden under a mountain once scenery is applied and you want to make sure it's always accessible.

These staging ramps when the layout is completed will be concealed under the scenery. These tracks are on grades and allow trains to depart and arrive from the lower hidden staging lever on the Donner Summit HO scale layout. They are tucked deep inside the benchwork but still have plenty of access to the trains should a derailment occur. Access to all tracks is paramount when you are hiding it.

This is the Parker Subdivision HO scale layout's open grid benchwork was cut to fit the space from wall to wall, It was built to be a freestanding layout with legs all around should it ever need to be moved. What you see here is the primary benchwork framing that will support the lowest planned terrain feature as well as the risers for the higher terrain and track roadbed. The backdrop on the left wall needed to be bumped out from the wall to make room for a door frame. The other walls did not need this modification. The backdrop and walls surrounding the layout all received a base coat of sky blue.